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Here you can find some of the photos that our members have taken.

Trip to The Harz

A selection of excellent atmospheric pictures taken by Val Kressman, wife of North Wales Railway Circle Member Martin, whilst on a trip to the Harz mountains in Germany. 

The Harz Railway System, The Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB), is a series of metre gauge lines, mostly operated by immaculately maintained steam locomotives, in the Harz Mountain region of central Germany, the most famous of which ascends the Brocken Mountain, which at 1141 metres is of similar height to Snowdon. Service trains are normally operated by either 2-6-2 or 2-10-2 tank engines weighing 45 and 65 tons respectively. Our special trains for the three day Autumn Festival were either single or double headed by 0-4-4-0 Mallet locomotives weighing 35 tons each. Up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, this part of Germany was within the eastern section. The system was originally built by the German Army towards the end of the First World War, but was not completed until after the end of hostilities. At the end of the Second World War ownership of the system fell to the Russians as part of the war reparations. Almost immediateley the Russians started to tear the system up, but soon realised their mistake and it was reinstated, with the exception of the branch up the Brocken itself. This was because of the militarily sensitive role of the Brocken (it was used as a listening post to enable the Russians to eavesdrop on what was going in the West). This branch was not re-opened until 1992.

Included is a shot of the Wuppertal suspended tramway system which we visited on route. The Wuppertal Schwebebahn suspension railway was opened in 1901 and still performs a major role in the city's transport system. Wuppertal is about 30 miles from Cologne.

Martin Kressman



  • double departure alexisbad
  • evening shunt
  • gernrode
  • magdesprung
  • near werngerode
  • old and new - alexisbad
  • siding on the way to the brocken
  • silberhutte
  • wuppertal suspended tram

Photos Val Kressman



Prototype and Pilot Scheme Locomotives

This is a selection of Early Diesel and Electric locomotives from the extensive archive of pictures taken by North Wales Railway Circle member Richard Fleckney.

  • 0023_10000_down_new_ground_near_tring
  • 0024_10001_up_new_ground
  • 0025_10203_new_ground
  • 0026_dp2_new_ground
  • 0027_dp2_cheddington
  • 0028_deltic_kings_x
  • 0029_d2_helvellyn_the_ulster_express_new_ground
  • 0030_d0280_lion_photomerge_crewe
  • 0031_d817_foxhound_sonning_cutting
  • 0032_e3020_electric_crewe
  • 0033_d824_highflyer_reading_general
  • 0034_d235_with_ladder_at_new_ground


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